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JUMO mTRON T — модуль многоканального контроллера

Тип: 70.5010 Децентрализованная система управления mTRON, Типовой ряд 70

  • Up to four PID controller channels each with two parameter sets and four setpoint values
  • Self-optimization using the oscillation or step response method
  • Independent operation
  • Two universal analog inputs
  • Customer-specific linearization (polynomial up to the fourth order)
  • Two digital inputs DC 0/24 V
  • Two digital outputs as a relay with N/O contact or a logic output
  • The inputs and outputs can be extended (option)

  • All analog inputs are electrically isolated from each other
  • Limit value monitoring
  • One counting input up to 10 kHz
  • Automatic configuration after the module insert has been exchanged
  • Connection of the inputs and outputs at the front
  • Removable terminal strips with Push-In technology
  • Quick cross wiring due to easy module connection

In the standard version, the multichannel controller module is a 2-channel PID controller with relay output or logic output to control a solid-state relay. It is additionally equipped with three option slots which can be used to extend the number of inputs and outputs. As a result, all common controller types can be utilized including the cascade controller. Even a 4-channel two-state controller is possible.
The module operates independently which means that the control task is carried out even if the central processing unit fails or, when in bus coupling mode, the higher-ranking system malfunctions. This behavior can be configured.
LEDs are used to indicate applied voltage supply, the module operating status, and the status of the digital inputs/outputs.
Two high-quality universal analog inputs for thermocouples, RTD temperature probes, resistance transmitters, resistance/potentiometers, and standard signals are available as part of the standard features. Two digital inputs (DC 0/24 V) and two digital outputs as a relay with N/O contact (AC 230 V / 3 A) or as a logic output (DC 0/15 V) are also available as part of the standard features. Due to the three option slots (option 1, 2, and 3), the module can be extended up to four universal analog inputs, eight digital inputs, three analog outputs, or eight digital outputs. For expansion of the inputs/outputs or for service work, the module insert can be easily pulled out of the case at the front. The case including the bus PCB remains mounted on the DIN rail.
A setup program can be used to comfortably configure and parameterize the multichannel controller module.

Типовой лист 70.5010 [EN]